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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brand New Ride Safer Travel Vest

brand new item
retails for around USD110
details on the web here

RM150 - SOLD

The law in many states requires that children up to 8 years old ride with some type of restraint system, but booster seats can be a bit of a pain to use - they're often bulky, heavy, and awkward. Plus, some kids hate having to ride in them, considering any such seat a "baby seat" that they're far too old and sophisticated to ride in.
Recognizing that some type of safe restraint is needed for older kids, and that boosters can be less than ideal for both parents and kids, Safe Travel Systems Inc (STS) decided to find an alternative. The result of their research was the RideSafer Travel Vest - easy to install, simple to carry, handle, and store - and kids think it's cool!
Essentially, the RideSafer Travel Vest System is a "wearable booster seat," which works by safely repositioning the car's adult seat belt on your child. In the event of an accident, the vest distributes crash forces over a wide area, while safely holding your child in place. The vest is simple to buckle on, and putting it into the car is as simple as buckling your child with the car's seat belt, and then slipping the lap and shoulder belts into the guides. The RideSafer can be used in the left, right, or center rear seats, moves easily from vehicle to vehicle on your children, and best of all, it meets or exceeds all standards of the FMVSS 213 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard).
The RideSafer Travel vest does not carry an expiraton like most car seats. Most car seats have plastic components that break down and so must be discarded after a certain period of time. The Ride Safer Travel vest does not have load-bearing plastic components, and so can be used for years to come.
All in all, I'd say that STS is not exaggerating when they call the RideSafer Travel Vest a "Revolutionary Child Restraint System."
*Note: The RideSafer Travel Vest includes a headrest that can be velcroed onto the vest for added support. This is for comfort while the child sleeps, NOT safety. If your toddler's seat in your vehicle has no headrest, then you need a high-back booster seat. Placing them in a seat without a headrest is unsafe, and the RideSafer Travel Vest's head support is NOT a viable substitute