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cabaikering aka rose

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hallmark Lovers 5 - 1 Week Sale only

Milk Powder Container
blue -1 - sold to sofrina
pink -1 - sold to Tisha
white - 1 - sold to AdamFaris

Hallmark Lovers 4 - 1 Week Sale Only

Regular Bottles Set
pink = 2
- sold to Shyna SP
green = 2
- sold to Emily?!
white = 1

Hallmark Lovers 3 - 1 Week Sale Only

wide neck bottles set
blue = 1
pink = 1 - sold to Tisha
green = 1 - sold to Mariam
white = 1 - sold to Adam Faris

Hallmark Lovers 2 - 1 Week Sale Only

teats wide neck = 6
- sold to Tisha
- sold to Tisha
regular neck = 2
- sold to Neesa

clear color = 1 - sold to mazlina
green = 1 - booked by mica


Hallmark Lovers 1 - 1 week sale only

The new 4 stage feeding system features a new contoured cup that is easier to both mother and baby to hold. As the baby grows, the feeding system changes to help baby begin the transition from bottle to cup. Each stage features an appropriate drinking top that makes the move from bottle to cup gradual and successful.

The feeding system is made of unbreakable polycarbonate to ensure years of use by even the most enthuasiastic learner.

retail price 49.00

pink=1 - sold to Tisha
blue=1 - sold to shaniah
white=1 - sold to Sofrina
green=1 - booked by Dayah

juaimurah price : 35