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Monday, February 8, 2010

Juaimurah Big January Giveaway Winners!!!

Hi All

I took more than 2 hours nak go through every entry last nite.. heheh

Sampai kena pause a while and watch CSI..then sambung balik

First of all I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all of you who took the extra trouble time nak mereka entry for this giveaway

Thank You So Much

And I would like to thank all of those who have started to follow Juaimurah Blog

Memang best looking at the growing list walaupun jadi lambat sangat nak buka blog.. hehe

So its finally time to announce the winner

and I came to the final 3... err.....macam mana ni...??

yang confirm...ini adalah pemenang muktamat pertama!!! suka sangat your entry my dear! very child friendly.. heheh


(pls mail or sms me to claim gift :-)

then i have another 2 yang almost the same..

dua dua took so much effort to really review the blog

but I only have another 1 aquarium crib toy to give away!

so I finally after review sekali lagi pagi ni...decided on giving it to





(pls mail or sms me to claim gift :-)

and for the last one... tak sampai hati lak tak de crib toy nak bagi dia..
so, i decided to give her this... harap adik sudi terima ye.. ada ikan gak

and of course the winner of the extra toy is





For the rest, i am so sorry that I cant allocate more toys to be won this time

but insyaallah.. stay tuned for more and more!!!

Harap jangan ada yang merajuk ye :-)

Happy Giveaway!!!

Super Bike Yellow Rider

battery operated
comes with brand new battery and charger
big sized 2-6years old
with lights - no sounds
newly painted - looks like new :-D
RM195 - sold

Tomy Vacuum Cleaner

functions well
complete set
looks like almost new
RM35 - sold to Linda Yunos

Baby Walker cum Rocker With Parent Hold

condition 7/10

no torn part of the seat but color faded

board electronic not functioning but child can still hv fun with the wheel

with parent hold.. push your baby around

turn it to a rocker in 2 simple step

strong sewn seat

with bottle holders

RM80 - sold