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cabaikering aka rose

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OK Big Bucket Blocks

i guess must be atleast thousand in here

alot for me to count

but surely will be able to keep the child fully occupied!

not as high quality as lego but OK Blocks has its own charm!

RM70 - sold

Leapfrog Alphabet Pal Caterpillar

cond 9/10

sangat2 bagus

press each legs to learn colors, alphabets n phonics

and there are songs too

pull along n learn fun way with it

RM48 - sold

Soft Rattle Bowling Set

cond 9/10

RM30 - sold

Playskool Musical Playgym

can play sitting or standing position

cond 8.5/10

functions perfectly - music n lights

RM55 -sold

Playskool Scoot To Ride

cond 8.5/10

scooter or ride on

RM80 - sold

Disney Princess Scooter

high quality

safe feature

cond 8.5/10

RM68 -sold

Learning Cards

1. months

RM17 -sold


2. animal slide n learn

codn 7/10 - ada kemek2 like pic below

RM12 - sold

Safety 1st Foldable Bath Tub

cond 8/10

normal minor scratch on the foam base

RM70 - sold