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cabaikering aka rose

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ladybird Series

set A 14 books
conditions - 1 book is 6/10. the rest is 8.5-9.5/10
RM82 - booked by fina

Set B - 5 books
conditions 8.5-9.8/10

Set C Read It Yourself 11 books
conditions 7.5-9.5/10
1 book jack n beanstalk front page has alot of scratches but not marks inside
RM65 - booked by fina

Barney BIG Storybook Treasury Book

learn abc, read stories and sing songs with barney
big and thick book
condition 8.5/10 - no tear or scratches
RM30 - sold it to xxx

Dancing & Moving Tigger

i really dont know the proper way to explain how it moves
but it sings the popular MC Hammer Song - yeah 30+ will know the song...
and it moves upside down and lays on the floor and stand back again!
owh.. press the nose for it to perform
crazy cool stuff for tigger lovers!
RM48 - sold to Eija Rossi

Lucy Love Case Doll House

very detailed dollhouse
out part has dirts n scratches as can be seen - need clean
the dining table is broken - need glue
no original lucy doll - giving with 3 other small dolls
tv room floor mat torn abit as can be seen in pic
otherwise... your gal will have fun!
even my lil baby boy was enjoying it for awhile!
RM35 - sold to mona

Fisher Price Stride To Ride

RM75 - sold to rina
missing battery cover (just tape to cover it n teh baby will have fun all the way)

Brand New Storage Bag

Brand New Storage Bag (approximate 1.5feet long & 1 feet high)
lovely sweet color.
1. sold to Linda Yunos
2. sold to Ling1263

Megablock Wagon With 49 Blocks

RM85 - sold to XY
limited edition 49pcs pooh megablock series